Sunday, July 25, 2010


Despite most of the Tanzanian coast to habour attractive beaches for recreation and for tourism but still to eyes of some people these beaches they are still useless. It have been a tendency to some of the people to pollute our beaches by any kind of the gabbages and wastes which are main killer and destroyer to our beaches . In this case most of our beaches knower days are no longer possessing their natural smell and Beauty.

The general overview of Dar es salaam beaches stretches from Mpinji river from the north for about 100km and in the south to Mzinga river and up to Mpakani village and normally the width of beaches varies from 0m in the creek areas such as Gezaulole and Police Mess to over 200m in other area (eg Kunduchi, Ununio, Mbweni, Msasani and Ndege Beach),also it is proven scientifically that between Msasani and Mbweni beach they area of sensitive sand beach ridges of tourist attraction , for this case pollution pressure like in Msasani bay( beach ) is common because of the development pressure more specifically by variation in the supply of the sedments and gabbages load to the coastal areas , quarrying of the coralline, limestone,sand and beaches also is not left behind in the whole case of pollution. To add on that there is fact based on the measurement made in 1993 on the concentration of Heavy metals and the Petrolleum hydrocarbons (zinc,iron, Manganize and oils) it was found that , Msimbazi bay and Ferry beach were highly concentrated with both Heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons(Msafiri M.J) and this shows how seriousness pollution is in various beaches in Tanzania.

Image 1: Shows the extent of beach pollution in one of the Beach in Dar es salaam (This image was taken from Kunduchi beach).The tendency of polluting beaches with gabbages is becoming serious knower days.
Generally an immidiate mitigation measure must be taken to combite and restore our beaches for the future generation (sustainability)to realize and enjoy the value and the wealth from these beaches.This`will go further even in retaining the taste and the attraction of our Beaches from the present and the future generation. To archieve this all activities along the beaches from both residents and tourist must be done in a sustainable way, together with individual commitment to conserve our beaches .

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